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Successful H1 Visa stamping@Vancouver March19th

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Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone on this forum for their valuable suggestions throughout. I had my H1-Visa interview @Vancouver on March 19th, Tuesday. I am on EVVC model. below are the list of questions asked

COunter-4 20th floor.

First she took my DS-160, I-797 folded inside my passport along with PP. Wished her good good morning officer, she responded im good thank you. She looked at the i-797 typed something on her screen. Then the questions are as follows:

1. what do you do for your Employer?

explained my role as it is in LCA, explained my employer is an IT consulting company based out of xxxcity that provides services to various end clients. Explained i work at end client location with weekly interactions with my project manager through submitting status reports. explained for 4mins.

2. who is your end client?

explained client name, what the client does and what my role is at the client location. I felt it is better to explain all these when the question abt your end client is asked. Because the next questions would usually would be abt your client and your role. Again make sure your role matches your role on LCA. explained for 3mins

3. where do you stay?

5miles from client location.

4. How long have your been with your employer?


5. How long you are with current client?


6. can i see your I-129 packet?

she scanned through all the documents. Here I was little afraid as my petition was filed with my old client and i did not file/have for my H1-Ammendment. She did not ask me the reason for not filing H1-Ammendment. You can say i got lucky here but i had the answer if she asked that question, my role in both my end client location are same as matched in LCA.

7. Then VO asked for my updated LCA?

i gave my updated LCA. Since i did not have H1-Ammendment she asked for my paystubs

8. show me your paystubs?

she scanned through 5 - recent paystubs and the paydates were without any miss. Parallely she searched for my F1-visa stamping page and stamped it cancelled. Here i felt confident that my visa is approved.

9. then she asked for my client letter and employer letter?

I had both and showed it to her.

Then the golden words, Visa is approved, track it using this letter. provided a letter to track it.

I got my passport on Friday- 03/22 and i am back in US on Sunday. Contact me@*************@gmail.com if you need additional information regarding accommodation or any general questions.

Good luck to all.

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Hey raj, many congratulations. Just wanted to ask you one thing- Since you are in EVVC modal, did you client letter listed all the layers ? or just prime vendor and your employer.


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@prawah - My client letter listed all the layers between. I have *** and prime vendor between employer and client. I had the prime vendor letter but the *** did not give any letter but upon request *** regional HR manager replied to my email upon request from USCIS they can provide the required documentation. I took the printout of the letter in case they asked.

Good luck.

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@shadowyman - My interview was on tuesday - March19th. First two days when u check the status it will say Admin processing on the third day(Friday) it has updated to Issued. Usually it is two business days but if the number of people of more i have seen instances of 5business days too.

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@Prawah.... I was on EVVC model too.

My client letter listed only the pirmary vendor and my employer, but I carried all the related information between vendors and my employer.

thanks bro, a little relief there :) . Also, she asked you about pay stubs, so do you have a constant pay stub every month. Mine is fluctuating from $100 to $400 every month. Is that an issue (But it totals to what ever is listed in LCA-- in my LCA the listed amount is in per hour not annually). What should I tell the VO is he/she asks me about the fluctuations-bt its been always more than listed in LCA.

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