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Current PERM Procseeing time

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Please let me know what is the current PERM Audit procesing time going on as per DOL. Last month they were processing June cases. Please let me know if they start processing JULY-2012 cases

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There were many June audit cases, it might take 2 months to complete. However, July, August, September, have fewer cases.

My guess is:

July'12 - May'13

August'12 - June'13

September'12 - July'13

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ICERT updated today. As per ICERT they finished JUNE cases on MAR-04-2013

Does this logistic will work now??

July'12 - Apr'13

August'12 - May'13

September'12 - June'13

Oct'12 - July'13

Nov'12 - Aug'13

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Don't expect past trends or linear processing times for either Department of Labor (DoL) PERM labor certification applications or USCIS petitions and applications. There are a large number of unknown variables, such as the pending case load / backlog, which is anything but linear or constant. The best, and only, thing you can do is keep checking the reported / posted processing times on a regular basis.

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I am in a same boat. My employer filed in July, 12 and they got audit in sep,12 and responded in oct,12, but till today no status. I am not sure if employer is hiding something on status or is it really pending?? This is April, 13 and still no clue..!!??

Guys - Any update or suggestions from you???

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