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221G White Slip in Vancoover

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can you update you email address in profile . this forum is masking email id if we keep with the post. so we are not able to see the email address

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Finally My Manger sent out the email to the Visa Consulate on Friday. As the Embassy is off on Friday and Monday i sent out an email to the Visa Consulate requesting for a status update. I got an email back stating...


Dear Sir,

Your case is under review by the Consular Officer. Unfortunately we cannot give an accurate timeline on how long this will take. At this time we do not need any further documents from you. Should you wish to collect your passport, you may return any business day between 11:30am – Noon. (excluding US and Canadian holidays and 3rd Wednesday of every month).

We realize that these extended time periods cause frustration to many individuals, and we are sensitive to the fact that the purpose of the nonimmigrant visa program is to facilitate legitimate travel to the U.S. Nonetheless, the Consulate General in Vancouver, like all U.S. Embassies and Consulates, must adjudicate visas in accordance with the provisions of the law, and, in some cases, this involves extensive administrative processing. While we cannot predict when the processing of your visa will be completed, please be assured that the Consulate General and the State Department are aware of your concerns and will do all we can to see that the visa is adjudicated as soon as the review is complete.


Any Thoughts on what are they still verifying ?

I received similar reply, except, it says, "Your case is under review.", instead of "Your case is under review by the consular officer." It seems, your case was being reviewed by consular officer , in my case it doesn't say. Can you please check the reply and let me know, the wordings?


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Hi Sudir,

The Email basically stated - Does Chandra work for you.IF yes, can you tell us how long does his project last.

You can contact me at **********@gmail.com

Hi Chandra , 


Can you please give me your email id ? I am also in a similar situation. Did your client manager sent an email to Consulate or she replied to the consulate email ???

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