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visitor visa - ds 160

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Dear Friends/Seniors,

I want to apply visitor visa for my mother only this time in April. I tried 2 time earlier for my parents but unfortunately their visitor visa got rejected at Mumbai consulate ( reason - no strong tie ). They did not look at any documents. My father is retired and my mother is house wife.My parents are tired now to go through same process again, so this time I am planning to apply only for my mother. Could you please let me know what should I take care extra this time and also in DS-160 ?

What should I enter for following questions in ds-160 ?

1. Have you made specific travel plans? I selected yes in previous attempt and entered the tentative dates.

Please let me know should I enter as it is or It is better to select "No" ? Does this question make any differences ?

2. Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip

I entered my father name in previous attempt. Should I enter my name or my father name for this question this time ? I think this is really important question.

Thank you very much for all your help. Your help and advice will put me in correct direction.

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Guest Noah Lotte

so what is the answer to the following question: "Why isn't your husband traveling?" (the answer.."he is too busy" makes no sense if he is retired)...this 'strategy' of having one spouse apply after several refusals, hoping to lull the VO into some false sense of security (by having that spouse point to the one staying behind as the reason why they will return [but does not address the unauthorized employment concerns of a VO) has been tried so many times there should be a separate refusal code for this silly attempt....in fact, guidelines for the VOs state that an offer to leave a family member behind as some sort of 'guarantee' of compliance to our laws is expressly forbidding...and will likely speed up the interview...but not in the direction one desires.

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Thank you all. Could you please let me know if I put my name in my mother-ds 160 for below question (Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip) instead of my father name, will it be any impact in stamping ? in previous attempt I entered my father name because my father is capable to sponsored. I tried visa for my parents together earlier. This time my mother is going for stamping.

"Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip"

Changing details in ds-160 will cause any problem ? What should I enter for this question ? It is really confusing for me.

Thanks friends/Seniors for your advice.

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Guest Noah Lotte

Changing certain details like the travel itinerary or length of stay are NOT materials changes in one's situation; only transparent attempts to fool the VOs...and this sort of thing can work against an applicant, whose credibility will start to erode quickly...

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You need to relax. Getting a visitors visa to the US is not that important in the scheme of things. You can go to their home to visit. If so many of your countrymen and women had not abused the privilege, your parents would not be having this problem. Your coaching them on the answers and trying to figure out the "right" or "best" things to answer is counterproductive.

Since there should not be any urgency for applying, they should wait and apply when they really have a reason to travel. If you make it an urgent visit, it is assumed that they are not coming for a try "visit".

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