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Sucessful visa stamping @Toronto on 18th afternoon

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Hi all,

I had successful H1b stamping at Toronto on 18th. VO asked me below questions:

Vo: U here for H1B stamping

VO: Whos is your employer

Vo: What it does?

ME: I said its a staffing company

VO: Immediatly he asked me who is u r clinet.

Me: XXXX (i dont have vondors) more over mine is wellknown client.

VO: So you came here for F1 and moved to OPT and moved toH1

Me : Yes sir!

Vo: So Where did u study in US?

VO: Whats u r major?

Me : Computers.

Vo: So how long u r contract will be?

Me: I said until 2014 may with possible extensions also my clinet has usually long terms like 3-4 yrs contract

VO: U r visa issued mama

Me: Thank U!

This is my experience. He didn't ask me for any documents.

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Hi Jo1987,

I am also in same boat..Had successful interview in the afternoon at counter 5. can you please send me an email as soon you recieved confirmation from consulate to reddysa4u@gmail.com


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I had a successful interview on same day afternoon. VO has few basic questions.

I think it would be helpful if any one of us post here as we know about passport availability.

I don't see anything on my Application summary page. It has no column about status of documents, only thing I see is you have no schedules appointments. Is it same for everyone?

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J01987 and VVSNR,

I have checked my DS 160 status, it's changed to issued from admin processing. Still no update on waybill number..

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Hi guys Congratulations to all of you on getting visa

I scheduled H1B visa interview on April 2nd in ottawa. I want to change it to a different place because i dont have a client letter and also I see every day people posting 221g queries who attended in ottawa.

Can you please tell me how is it in Toronto?

Your valuable replies will help me figure out what I can do best to avoid issues.

Thank You in Advance.


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I also took interview for H1b on 18th March 2013 at Toronto consulate. Still no waybill number on website... Anybody else in same boat...

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Nothing here yet. Still waiting.

I recieved my passport today morning. I received the email from Loomis right after midnight that they have picked up the passport. I received the phone call from Loomis that my passport is ready for pick up.

CSC website did not update till about 1-2 hours after the emails from Loomis.

Good luck.

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