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EAD renewal

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My EAD is expiring soon. i have some clashes with my husband. i am not sure if he will file my EAD. someone said i can file the renewal on my own.my husband wants to leave me and my kid. i am not sure if he is having any extra marital affair or what. i cannot let myself and my kid suffer due to him. Can someone please advise me on the documentation like:

1. what's the form that needs to be filled

2. paper work

3. Can i file my EAD on my own?

4. what will be the fees that i need to pay.

Please, please, please reply.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi I hope that is not going to happen with you, but try figure out with your husband about GC already applied, does not mean he want left you they will cancel your process!!!

You I 485 petition its your petition.

all you have to send to than is:

- Form I 765

- Copy of I 485 receipt to prove you have a pending petition

- Fees : $380,00

- 2 passports pictures (i'm not sure about)

- Copy of EAD (old) front and back

- Copy of Drive License or any other doc like passport or visa

But if you still no sure going to that link below and see what they need it


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I have filed for my EAD (I-765) renewal.

I got my application back because of incomplete application form. I for got to check the "I am applying for" box on the top of the page. rest every thing is fine.

The returned packet has date stamp on all the documents on the right hand side.

So my question is do I need to send a brand new set of supporting documents and check with corrected application

Or can I send the returned packet with documents and checks from USCIS.

I appreciate your reply.

Thank you.


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Hi 2 all

I am on J2 visa , I got my EAD last year which is valid till june 27,2011 to the same date as my visa.And I have already got my new DS2019 which is valid till june 27,2012.

Now I am little bit confused regarding the renewal of EAD. I wanted to know wether I need to have the Immigration officer stamp over the DS2019 before I submitted it along with documents for the renewal of EAD.I'll be visiting my home country in the end of this year only to renew visa.

Your replies will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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I will be honesty with you GSSMSRI

If I were you I will make a copy of all my doc again, make a new check and send a new package, but any way I don't see any problem you return the same package and off course deposit the USCIS check and make a new one.

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I had the similar situation...

My AP application was rejected with missing informations, I completed the appication & sent the package that was returned from USCIS

No new copies or check

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