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Sucessful visa stamting in Calgary 2/5/13

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The whole process is pretty simple. There's a line for security check and they take your passport, I-797 and employer letter and they give you a small piece of paper which has your serial number on it. After that you are seated. Then security person calls your name and take few people in batches to 10 or 13th floor. One more line and security check follows. After that you enter the waiting room and there's a screen in front of you which shows the serial number and window number. Keep checking the screen as that will tell you which window to go to.

VO: What are your job responsibilities?

Me: Started to tell him...

VO: Intrupped me and asked what you do everyday when you get to work? (I could have been more clear about my explanation, as I was giving high level description)

Me: Then gave him a more detail description (VO was looking at his computer screen all the time and typing.)

VO: Your visa is approved, you can get your passport in 3-4 days from LOOMIS.

There were around 7-8 Indians for H1B stamping. I don't know about all of them but 2 got 221G's and I think rest were approved. Not sure though... One of the case of 221G was resolved next day and other's is I think still pending. He wasn't asked any questions. VO told him that they are not able to pull his information. No docs or information asked.

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