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H1B visa stamping in Mumbai with i797B & EC model.

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Hi there,

I have visa interview date on March 12th in Mumbai.

I have I-797B and this is my 2nd time stamping in Mumbai. Before I was working fulltime for an employer and did successful stamping in Mumbai in 2009 but now I am on EC model.

Reason I have i-797B is because my past employer company didnt do good business and they were unable to pay me for 2 months (fake promises etc.. long story). Meanwhile i transferred my visa to another company and working with them since June 2012 and same client since than.

In my case, I also have my i94 expired on Dec31st 2012 and since I have 180 days time period to go out of country and do the stamping, I am going out now in March.

Please let me know what kind of documentation I will have to take with me apart from regular:

- Visa Interview confirmation letter

- I797B

- I129

- PayStubs

- Employment Letter

- Client Letter ( Client will not provide that)

- Current Employer W2

- Past Employer W2 ( they havent provided yet and chances are very less that they would)

- Pay stubs from past employer but missing 2 months (May & mid- June) (i have till april mid)

- Petition package

- Masters degree in US certificate

- Other educational documents

What kind of tricky interview questions I should expect from the interviewer?

Any help is much appreciated.



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