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221g resolved after 45 days and got other 221g@Toronto. Pls help

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Jan 9 : Interview ...got 221g. Took only resume.

Jan 22: Status updated date changed still admin processing

Feb 15: Status updated date changed still admin processing

Feb 18: Got an email that they conclude my visa application and asked me to submit my passport. Submitted passport same day.

(I thought Its a big relief..celebrated the occasion. same thing happened to my friend and he got his passport by Friday)

Feb 21:Unfortunately they sent me other email saying to conclude my visa application asked me to submit 6 months Pay slips and bank statements.

Submitted the same day.

Very soon got other email after sometime asking me to show the pay deposit in the bank statement from the employer. Actually I have deposited the paychecks for certain period into my bank which reflects as Counter Credit on the bank statement instead of XX company Deposit.

So sent an another email with al the proofs (Deposit Receipt and images of Checks deposited and Bank statements highlighting the Counter Credit.)

Feb 22: Got another email asking me to submit images of the checks deposited which already sent as single pdf.

I sent another email attaching the check images. Parallelly at the same time I got another email at the same time to disregard previous email they sent me and informing me that they put me back on 221g (administrative processing).

Please help me out. I'm planning to drop the same documents in person on Tuesday. I think they haven't noticed my other supporting documents. Please suggest me how to deal with this situation. Anybody went thru this kind of situation? Any help or info greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Feb 25: My manager got a cal from Consulate.

They didn't ask any details or docs abt my client. I'm surprised to hear that they contacted my manager. I don't know from where they got his details without me submitting any client letter. I hope they got it from USCIS (as I applied for amendment before coming to Visa). Let me know is there any such possibility to contact client without me submitting any docs related to client??

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