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Parents visa

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I have question on parents visa. I am planning to apply for visiting visa for my in law's. I have an option to apply in 3 ways, confused in deciding what to choose. Please help

1) My came to US on F1, before completing her masters, she moved to H1 and have completed masters on H1 (as part time). Now she has Gradwalk in this May. Can she apply visa for her parents to atend Gradwalk. What are the potential risks involved as she moved to H1 without completing F1?

2) Since my wife is on H1 currently, can she just apply for genral visiting visa (not gradwalk) for her parents. Is there any chance of asking about her F1 related questions in visa?

3) I came to US and completed masters, used all my OPT period and got H1B last October, my case is clean. Is it recommended to apply my self for my in law's instead of going throuh my wife? Will there be any question why i am applying in stead of their daughter?

Please let me know which option is good in all above 3 cases. Your help is really appreciated.


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They will be approved or denied on there own merits and not the excuse for their visit. They should answer any question put to them truthfully.

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