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Regarding processing time for visitor visa extension

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I wanted to know if anyone has received a response recently (in 2013) for their I-539 B2 (visitor) visa extension case from California processing center; any response that is - approved or denied, and not just the application receipt.

If you did, how long did it take for you approximately; however accurate information would be appreciated.

I wanted to know how realistic the 2.5 month processing time currently listed for California processing center is.

Thanks for reading and early response is appreciated.

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Thanks for your response.

So, in other words, should a situation arose in the last two to three months before the authorized stay for B2 visa expires, there is no point that person even attempting to extend his\her visa - since the likelihood of receiving a response in time is slim; if you sent in paper work months before - it could be consider premeditated - hence rejection, if sent in under two months, you may not hear back in time. Not sure what visitors are suppose to do!

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Just in case if this helps anyone in future.

We applied for visitor visa B2 extension around 17 march and we got approval around Feb end, for CA processing center.

May be we just got super lucky or this is indeed how long it is taking right now for B2 extension cases in CA centre.

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