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Visa approved on Feb 14th, Still waiting for a Passport

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My Visa interview was on Feb 14th at Ottawa. The VO said your visa approved and gave me a white paper to track the Passport from Loomis. It's been 6 days now but still the status shows "Administrative processing" at https://ceac.state.gov website.

Does anybody has an idea how long it will take to update the case status and get the Passport?

Also I, my client, my employer neither received any email nor contacted from consulate.

If VO give the white paper to track the application means the Visa approved, right?

Any help is appreciated.

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Some times even after VO approves Visa you will have to wait some time between 1 and 2 weeks to get the passport back and it happened in my friend's case too and nothing you have to worry about in your case.

According to my friend if you are doing Govt project at client location then u may be having security check and this could be the potential possible reason.

All the best.

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I've attended visa interview on 15th February 2013 at Chennai. My visa was approved. Still did not receive Passport.

I checked online CEAC status and it shows "Administrative Processing".

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I collected my passport today and flying back to US today.

Thanks again to MurthyForum and the friends for sharing a valuable experiences.

Good luck to all.

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