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L1B Expiry and H4 Filing and prospective H1B filing in April

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I am on L1B visa. I got an approval from USCIS for an extension which will make my total duration on L1B to 6 years on 1/2014. Luckily, I came to realize it a few days ago and now I am in a fix.

1. I want to know if Ican file for a premium L1A in this short span of 30 days and get an approval. (Since it was USCIS which gave the 6 year approval on my L1B, is there any assurance that they would consider my case as special)

2. if I file for an H4 today, will I get an approval in 2 months? Is there any way to ensure that I get the approval faster.

3. I heard that if my H4 is not yet approved before my H1 is filed, there is a possibility that my H1B will be cancelled if my H4 is approved later. Is this true?

I have my family here and I have two little kids. I am trying to see if I can stay here and support my family rather than trying to spilt up the family because of this issue.

Kindly provide your insight on these and let me know if there is anything that can be done by me in this situation.



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An L1B worker's status may be extended to 7 years only if the employee becomes a manager or executive at least 6 months prior to reaching the 5 year maximum time limit and USCIS approves a change of status to L-1. However, if a petition to change status to H-4 is filed while the individual is still in valid status, he/she will generally remain in a period of authorized stay while the petition is pending, even if the I-94 expires in the meantime.

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