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White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

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Hi ,

I attended interview in Ottawa on 29th Jan 2013.

Recieved a white 221 g form , interviewer said -" Shouldnt take too much time , we will contact your client and employer"

Passport and I797 kept by the consulate.

Latest update: 1st Feb - No email yet sent to client/employer.

Can anyone guide as to how much time it normally takes, and is there anything from my side I can do?


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Same here. I've attended interview in Ottawa on 28th Jan 2013.

Got white 221 g form (white) , VO said, we will contact your client and employer", If they are not sitting on it, it won't take long tim

Kept my offer letters, Passport and I797.

Update as of now: No emails sent to client/employer.

Are you in EVC/EVVC/EC?

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I am Employee-Client model. The only information on the form is Further Review is ticked. I am staying at my friend's place, hoping to send a status update email on Monday,

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@test_acc and @ottawaaccomadation, I received 221g on Jan 7 and after 4 weeks VO asked me to Submit my passport, I have submitted on Monday i.e. Feb 4, now waiting to collect my passport. I would like to share accommodation. Please email me at 221waiting@gmail.com. Thanks

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My client received a verification email on Tuesday 02/05/2012.

My interview was on 29th Jan - so it took them 7 days to send the email.

I received an email from them too - to submit some documents (W2s, I129 , RFE response if any).

Client replied on Wednesday 02/06/2012 , I submitted the documents on Thursday 02/07/2012.

Lets see how much it takes them now to process the information,

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@sai687 : My interview was on Jan16th. Mine is EVVC. Submitted all documents as per requested every day by Embassy. Mine is EVVC model. But, I have all documents handy for them for any request. Those formalities has been completed on Jan 30th. This is my 3rd week . Do you think they take longer to process ? In my case, My client had reposonded very next day embassy sent email to them. End vendor had also responded very next day of embassy's questionary. After that, Embassy contacted me to submit 3 items which i have submitted on Jan30th. After than I haven't received any update or email from embassy.

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@parkerjohn03......I got my PP back on 02/082013 and back to US

Mine was EVC model. Mine got approved after 3 weeks only, Coz my Client replied very late (Client Manager was on vacation)...every case is Different. I hope you receive your Visa and Passport Soon. All the Best !!!!

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