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Stamping Canada or Jamaica or India?

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Hi there,

My first H1B was started in Oct 2008 and I got it stamped in Mumbai. No issues during that time.

My renewed H1B started in July 2012 and I need to get it stamped. I currently live in South Florida area. I am confused about either going to Canada or Jamaica or India(Mumbai) itself.

I work for a direct client of my current employer. "MC" model. Client may not give Client letter.

  • Jamaica is very near to Florida and as being Indian resident we don't need Jamaica tourist visa (commonwealth country thing) and flight cost are very cheap.

  • Canada would need to apply tourist visa and later all usual process.

  • India - always an option but want to get this stamping done as quick as possible and India trip is always longer one.

Where are more stamping available dates?

Where is the success ration more nowadays?

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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hmm you dont need visa for Jamaica? are you sure about that?

anways ive havent hrd anyone going for stamping there....but all i can say is if your background, company and papers are clean then you dont have to worry anywhere you go.

also check out the US embassy in Jamaica.


Yes, Indian Resident living in USA or even anywhere in world does not require tourist visa for any common wealth countries.

Thanks for the response though.


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I wouldn't recommend going to a consulate such as Jamaica without having a clear history of how Jamaica has handled such applications in the past. They may reject your case and force you to go back to India if they are insecure about any aspect of your case. Most consulates in Canada have a pretty good track record. Check with your lawyer first, but Mexico may also be a good option, if you follow good practice in regard to your personal safety.

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