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"Automatic Revalidation"

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Dear Members,

I have a question regarding "Automatic Revalidation" of my visa.

Here are my details:

1. Currently in the USA, on F-1 OPT, valid till June 30, 2012.

2. Another working visa is expected much before June 30.

3. F-1 visa expired on December 25, 2012.

4. Have plans to visit Canada around July 4 (for less than 7 days).

5. I won't apply for a new visa during my visit to Canada.

I *think* I am eligible for "Automatic Revalidation" of my new working visa.

If that is true, do I have to get a visa when I visit my home country in December?

Please let me know...

Thanks and regards,

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In order to be eligible for automatic visa revalidation, an individual must: a) be seeking re-entry to the US from a visit of less than 30 days in Canada or Mexico (for J-1 exchange visitors and F-1 students, automatic revalidation also applies to islands in the Caribbean except Cuba); b) have been absent from the US for a period not exceeding 30 days; c) be in possession of a valid, unexpired Form I-94 (the small, white card stapled inside the passport, or, if the status changed while in the US, attached to the I-797 Approval Notice); d) be in possession of a valid DS-2019 (J exchange visitors), I-20 (F students) or I-797 (H-1B temporary workers), and intend to resume the same status upon return to the US; e) be in possession of a valid passport; f) not have in any way violated immigration status while in the United States; g) not have made an application for a new visa at a US consulate while absent from the US; not be a national of a country designated by the US government as a state sponsor of terrorism (currently Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba).

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