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Eb1-EA Approved. Where to file I-485?

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I am based out of Dallas, Texas. On Jan 23,2013 (yesterday) my Eb-1 EA got approved. It was submitted to Texas service center. Hurray!!

I looked online for I-485 processing time at different service centers.

Texas - May 17,2012 (

Nebraska - 4 months (

Few questions that I need to get answer to..

1. As Nebraska has faster processing time, can I apply to Nebraska center although Texas is out of its jurisdiction?

2. I am currently looking for job opportunities in Bay area (as my current job sucks), and let say hypothetically I get a job in Bay area after my I-485 has been submitted to Texas center. How does it impact the process? Does I-485 need to be re-submitted at California service center?

3. Can I move to California and submit I-485 to Nebraska center?

Hope someone can give me valuable advice what I should do and what are my best options for fast I-485 processing.

thanks in advance!

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Adjustment of status applications are filed centrally at a USCIS Lockbox and then transferred to the Service Center with jurisdiction over the applicant's place of residence. Employment based adjustment applications are adjudicated at either the Nebraska or Texas Service Centers. Generally, adjustment applications are adjudicated by the service center where they were receipted and are not always transferred to the service center with jurisdiction over the new place of residence. Additionally, reported processing times are not always reliable and can change unpredictably.

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Thank you for your response, Attorney_11.

Few things happened since I posted my query on Jan 24.

I-485 has been filed at Texas service center for my wife and I in week of Feb 25.

USCIS has encashed my checks today (March 4) so I know my case has been received.

In Feb I interviewed with a firm in California and got a job offer from them. I have not accepted the offer yet.

I am not able to make a informed decision if I should move from Texas to California for job while my wife continues with her MBA at Dallas. I am concerned about impact on I-485 process that just got started.

It will be very helpful if you can advice me. Here are some questions in my mind:

- Should I wait for EAD/GC and then switch job?

- If I switch, can my wife and I be in different cities (She-Dallas, TX; I - Santa Clara, CA) during I-485 process?

- If I switch, what paperwork I need to send to USCIS?

- If I switch, will my case move to some other service center (Currently it is filed at Texas service center)? If so, where?

- If I switch, will my wife's case continue at Texas service center or will it move to same service center as mine?

- Finally, Am I risking my GC by switching jobs during I-485?

I really appreciate your inputs.

Thank you in advance.

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