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Where does Priority date fall in the Green Card process?

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I tried googling but didn't find anything helpful, hence posting my question here.

1) My company recently started the process of filing my green card in EB-2 category.

Here are the things that I know of that have been completed in the first step(PERM) - completed obtaining prevailing wage, almost done with posting ads at various places and recruiting process.

I am not sure at what point will I get the priority date?

2) Usually how much time does it take to get the priority date once green card process is started in EB2 category?

3) I believe I can change jobs once I receive my priority date but a big advantage would be - whenever the new company starts my green card process, they will have to start over but during my I-485 phase, the priority date received from the previous company will be counted right? This way my green card process will be a bit faster as priority date from previous company will be considered right?

4) My 4th year in H-1b just started and my company has already started the green card process. Would it be wise to switch to another company at this point knowing that they may or may not do my green card at least until first 7-8 months? Usually what would be the max time after which green card cannot be filed while on H-1B?

Sorry for too many questions but I got an offer from some other company and really confused about making my move because of green card.

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The PD is the date at which the first application in a case reached the authorities. For most EB people, that means it is the date when the LC was received by DOL.

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Generally, in the regular PERM process the priority date is established the day the PERM application (ETA9089 Form) is filed with the DOL. However, this priority date is not “locked-in” until an individual has an approved I-140 based on the underlying PERM application. Moreover, as current interpretations stand, as long as an I-140 is not revoked by USCIS for cause, that priority date can be retained in future PERM green card filings. Lastly, the PERM process can be started at any time, however to ensure the greatest likelihood that an H1B can be extended past the normal six year limitation, the PERM application should be filed at least 365 days prior to your last day of H1B status. Due to the complexity of this subject matter is it advisable to speak directly to a qualified U.S. immigration attorney regarding these issues.

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Why are you wasting your employer's time and money when you have no intention of working for him? Find the employer you want to work for and go for it then.

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