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Changing Employer on EAD

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Dear Forum Experts,

I have an approved EAD with my current employer.

My I-485 has the following details

Receipt Date: Mar-2012

Priority Date: Jan-2010

Since I have completed almost 1 year with my current employer after receiving EAD, now I would like to change my Job to a different employer

My question is

1) My current employer did not give me approved I-140 or approved Labor to me. In case I have to file AC21, I would need a copy of approved I-140, correct?. If my current employer is not willing to give me the copy of approved I-140 what should I do?

2) Is there is any chance that my current employer cancels my I-140 when I leave him?

3) Will there be any effect on my current Green Card or I-485 processing if my employer revokes my I-140?

4) Whiling filing AC21, do I need to mention the exact job title as mentioned in I-140. Since I don't have my approval copy of my I-140 how would I know the job title that was mentioned in I-140.

5) My current EAD expires Mar,2013, so I applied for renewal for both my wife and myself. Will there be any problem if I leave my current employer during EAD Renewal process?

I would really appreciate your response. Thanks!

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1. Talk to a Lawyer.

2. Yes

3. possibly . If needed you would be asked to send an EVL.

4. Talk to a Lawyer.

5. NO.

I mean this in a good sense. The questions in the forum seem to be getting more complex and more in number in many recent posts. In all such matters a Lawyer can be of immense help. A forum is likely to make you even more confused.

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1. No, it's not a requirement to have a copy of I-140 for AC21.

2. Yes.

3. Generally, an RFE or NOID is issued after that.

4. I don't think so. You may get details of your I-140 through a FOIA request, but it will take some time.

5. If your I-485 remains pending (not denied or approved), then the EADs will be approved.

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