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Visiting US after 4.5 months

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My parents visited us last summer (returned to India mid of September) and planning to visit us again by end of January (that is after 4.5 months) as we are expecting a baby.

There previous visits are as below

2005/2006 - 6 months (at my brother's place - west coast)

2010/2011 - 10 months (at my brother's place - west coast. 4 months extension was approved by USCIS)

2012 - 3 months (at my place - east coast - from mid of June to mid of September)

Will they face any issues in POE? What kind of questions will be asked by the immigration officer? How should they answer?

Please help


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Baby does not require parent visit. They can risk it bust should not expect a full 6 month I-94; that duration is at the option of the officer at the entry. The 10 month stay a relatively short time ago can affect the perception that they are spending too much time there. They should not also plan to visit again for a while.

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The worst thing that can happen is a I-94 for duration less than 6 months. In my case, my mom stayed 6M in US - 10 days india - 6M in USA once and the second time it was like 4M in US - 4M in India - 6M in USA. Both times no extra questions asked. And these are incidences from last 2 years, i.e. not too old. So, don't go by what all these so called "Advanced Members" say. They always present the most pessimistic side,don't know why. I guess one thing it helps is preparing for the worst that can happen but reality in most cases is not as bad as these "Advanced Members" say.

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