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Question regarding H1b stamping at Vancouver,URGENT!!!!

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I graduated on Oct 2008 and my Opt started from Dec 2008- dec 2009 and I applied for H1b on 2009 oct and got approved.i didn't had job till Jan 2010 since it was reissuance.

If VO asks wht you did after graduated during opt 1 yr period so wht should I tell?

I didn't had job during tht one year so should I tell I took training from my employer without paying?

And my employer is not will to give letter for tht one year period.

Pls suggest ur answers so tht I could get some confidence :)

Thanks in advance waiting for your replies!!

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Bro Chill don't worry I was in your position.I got mine stamped recently they are more concerned about u r current status not u r OPT.

First thing they won't go till 2009 and ask you what u were doing at that time. If they ask just say with whom u were working at that time that's it ... don't say that u were on unpaid training or anything ...if they ask specifically to show W2 or pay-stubs for year 2009 ( i guess u won't be having any pay-stubs since u didn't work)than u r answer should be that u were on unpaid training and get prepared with some supporting answer saying that u were trained for some certifications and was getting prepared for the project work and if possible take some letter saying that u successfully completed the training in the technology that you are working currently as you were on Optional Practical training.

Be confident with current status that is u r H1 docs and answers. Don't think much about your past status. Just be prepared that's it with appropriate answer if they ask ...and b confident.

Good Luck bro...

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