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Query reg visitor visa for my mom to reenter usa in short gap

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My mom came to USA on july mid 2012 and she will be leaving in next 2 days jan,2013 .

There is unavoidable situation that she has to come back to USA in 18-20 days and stay here for 2 months. May be enter on Feb 1, 2013 and leave by Mar 30,2013.

SHe has visitor visa with multiple entry. Even if she shows return ticket will it be problem for her to get I-94 for 2 months ? Will it be marked as an issue in her visa and affect her future visit to USA?

Please let me know asap.

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I think the Feb entry may be allowed after some questioning/scrutiny. But you may get a very short period of stay. May be a month or even lesser.

And if you get the required 2 months or the full 6 months (a less probable scenario), all future entries will be very difficult.

Again, if the situation really needs her to come back, It doesn't hurt to try. The maximum probable worst scenario is that she gets entry for 1 week or 15 days and the best case scenario is 3 months. You may be ok this time but try not doing it again. If possible, Let her stay out of US for a couple of years.

This is my personal opinion. An experienced attorney might guide you better. Best of luck.

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