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Can we change DS160 after submission and getting confirmation bar code.

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I just remembered that for the question " Where you ever refused US visa ? I answered No . Cuz i was refused first time and later approved second time.

I have submitted DS 160 form and got my confirmation page. Can I amend the answer now or is it too late for me to do that ?

Will it have any impact ?

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Once yous submit the DS-160 form you cant update any field in that. Instead you can create a new application again in this website ( https://ceac.state.gov/GENNIV/default.aspx ) and Update this new DS-160 number in this website ( http://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/login ) where you have booked your appointment date.

Once you logged in in the Primary Applicant details, Click on Edit beside your name and there you can change the new DS160 number and save it and it will update in the Consulate. You can update and submit the DS160 form or any fields ( H1 b reciept date, H1 reciept number, your name, DS160 number, phone number, etc..) 48hrs before your interview.

Hope this helps you.

Email me know if you have any questions.



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before 3 days of ur interview u can change it. no problem in that... fill a new DS form you will get a new confirmation number.. go to the appointment page and in your profile update the new ds form number.... then you will get fresh confirmation page with the new ds form application number...

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I have a few questions:

I took visa appointment date and have appointment confirmation with DS 160 confirmation #s for myself and wife (H1 & H4).

I don't have the confirmation page for both(myself and wife), which is a required document to carry.

Now when I go to the retrieve application website and insert my Application ID (same as confirmation #) it brings me to the DS-160 form at some Personal info page (meaning, it asks me to go through all questions and prob. re-submit).


1. Can I retrieve my confirmation page and print it (My appointment confirmation has DS160 barcodes (myself & wife) on it) since DS160 confirmation is required

2. Should I go ahead and refill and resubmit the DS-160 with the same confirmation # / application id and then print DS-160 confirmation page?

3. Or Should I start with a new DS-160 for myself & my wife. Submit this new DS-160s and get the confirmation pages along and also email ustraveldocs. (As the customer support suggested).

Reading through some forums I'm getting explanations like

1. If DS-160 is submitted, it can't be change so start anew (Now, since I am able to retrieve and edit it, does that mean I never submitted my DS-160). I've started to doubt myself as to whether I even submitted my DS-160.

2. The DS160 website says, you can get the confirmation page by retrieving the application and inserting the required info (This gets me to re-filling the application instead of confirmation page directly)

Anyone with some experience, plz help.

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I am travelling to India to get a visa stamp in December 2014, I am working at a company which I will be resigning in 2 weeks. The company that I will join after I am back from my India trip has already approved my visa.


So while filling the DS160, I have a few concerns.

1. When asked my current employer it is company A (which wont hold true while I am in the consulate for India, as I would have resigned by then)

2. I cannot mention my current employer as Company B as I wont be on its payroll while I am in the Mumbai consulate.


Basically I wont be employed while I am in India - Is this okay?

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I do understand we cannot change DS160 form and i got my visa too, But i got one query is it possible to view what i have submitted in that form again? and is it safe to retrieve it? please reply i have to make note very important things. 

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