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change of status from b1/b2 to f1 or h1b

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Hi, i am in usa on b1 /b2 status.

i would like to know if there is any provision that can help me in changing my status - yes or no

My first preference is h1b, if thats not possible then f1.

The last date on my i94 is may26.

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Thanks for the reply.

I am Accounts and Finance professional

first scenario -

i am still in negotiations with my employer and trying to get it done.

my confusion is all about if there is a provision for converting into H1b, how do i start the process and also will my stay be legal after may 26 (which is the last date on I 94) ?

Second scenario :

just in case if i cant go for H1b

and i have a valid I-20 what is that i need to do !

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If your last date is May,26 on the I94 you cannot change status to H1 as the H1 status starts from October,1. Have you actually got admission to college? You would need either the H1 visa if your petition is approved and come over up to 10 days before the October start date obviously having left the country before the I94 expiry or you would need a F1 visa and come over up to 30 days before classes start. Why is a visa a problem?

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so my understanding is that even if someone is ready to sponsor h1 i cant stay in here after may 26 as my I94 would expire. i should go back to INDIA and then come back after getting the H1visa stamped.

my query is now with f1 visa :

A situation where i have a valid I20 with me and the college starts in the first week of may 2013 (summer semester), can i change my status to f1 ?

P.S : How do i connect to a attorney- PL advice on this as well :)

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