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successful stamping in Vancouver @27th Dec and painful experience in canada airport Dec 26th

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Me and my friend came to visa stamping in Canada.. we both reached to Vancouver from different locations..

i traveled from Portland to Vancouver, Canada.. here comes my pain experience

immigration officer at Canada, Vancouver( she is from indian origin ..some singh..):

Immigration officer: From where are you coming?

Me: from Portland

Immigration Officer: why you came to Canada?

Me: i have visa stamping and visiting friends..

Immigration Officer : she directed me to custom officer then another officer started asking lot of questions

Q) what you said in newyork when you applied for Canada visa?

Me: i have applied canada for visa stamping

Q) Then why you are saying about visiting some friends?

Me: yes sir , after my visa interview i thought of meeting some friends

Q) tell me your friend name and their address

me) i don't know now, i have to call other friends to find out details

Q) what is your employer name

me) i told the name

Q) what your company do

me) explained

Q) what is your role

me) explained

Q) how much money do you have?

me: 20 dollars

Q) That money is not enough to buy a India ticket.

Me) Surprides with this question... Sir, i have enough money in my credit cards

but i dont think i need to buy a ticket to india

Q) i have authority to send you to India...

Me) i am sorry sir, i am following H1 guidelines...and all the time on job..

Q) does your employer had any clients in Canada?

Me: NO

Q) Show me your Appointmnet letter?

Q) where you are going to stay?

Q) show me bank statements?

Q) show me DS form

Q) do you have any relatives in Canada?

Q) is this first time to canada?

Q) sir , if i reject your entry , what you are going to do ...

Me: i will go to india....

he took my passport and went inside after some time he came again and started asking questions







after so many questions,,he said...you are welcome to Vancouver...........

i am not sure why they asked me these many questions....if you face this kind of situation tell them exactly why you came to Canada...if you applied Canada visa for visitor tell only that thing...dont tell visiting and going for stamping.....because we dont apply canada for both visiting and for stamping..( i know it is confusing...) but tell exactly the reason what you filled in your canda visa form........

and dont go to india lady counter :) ( probably punjabi lady..) she is very good looking ..but after 5 minutes you are going start hate her..:)

it took me 2 hours to come outside of airport

DEC 27th Visa Stamping interview at US Consulate:

1) who is your employer?

2) who is your end client?

3) where did you worked before

4) how many years you worked for xx client?

5) How long you are with present client?

6) shoe me LCA

7) show me bank statments

8) show me your i-129

9) where you did Masters

10) what is specialization

all are normal quesstions

after that golden words came...visa approved..


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One general rule is not to lie.

I have been asked these questions-

why you are here? - H1B Visa Stamping at US Consulate

Why you mentioned 10 days stay in immigration form? - Generally it takes 3-4 days to receive passport but being on safe side I mentioned 10 days.

Where will you stay? - Ramada Limited - West Pender St, Downtown.

That's it.

You need to have good memory and good preparation if you're going to lie to authority.

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Sam, everyone is not lucky as you are..

The Purpose of my post is to share my experience so that other people can get prepared for this kind of questions from airport authority and i didn't lied any thing to officer...

even though you have good memory don't try to lie with officer, it makes you worse..

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Don't be fooled that by going to Indian at the border or airport will help you ..... I used to fly from New York to Toronto every 6-8 weeks and every time there was Indian official at Toronto airport I was sent for secondary inspection ..... more questions and update records. Same problem with customs too.....

My suggestion is to tell them that you are here for interview and do your homework regarding hotel & return flight.

Secondly Canadian border patrol knows that if they refuse your entry into Canada then you don't have much options except fly to India to get Visa.

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My questions:

1:Why r u here?

H1B Visa Stamping at US Consulate

2: Do you have any friends or relatives here in canada? (Tricky question, what I noticed was donot tell that you have friends or relatives)

NO (If you say yes most of the time they will scrutinize you more n more as they just want to make sure that you will leave Canada after the purpose of your visit)

3: How long you are going to stay here?

One week.

4: What will you do if your visa got rejected?

I will go back to my home country.

Thats it!!

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