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Successful Visa Stamping in Ottawa Canada H1B EVC

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Hi All,

My Visa was approved, H1B EVC model ,quite a relief. If you want the Visa Officer questions skip to the end section "Visa Officer Questions"

Will try to be as brief as possible with the steps.

Before boarding flight from USA I had to fill a form which basically asks the purpose of visit to Canada. I filled all necessary details and purpose of visit is Personal

At Airport: The immigration officer asked me the purpose of the visit. And supporting documents

She asked for the appointment document which is either emailed to you or you can take a printout from the site where you update the appointment. Take a printout. Also this printout mentions the documents necessary pasting a link for help to fill the documents,use the forum you should get it

Expenses and Weather Distance.

I took a hotel near the Ottawa embassy Byward Blue Inn, costed me $115/ day things are expensive in Canada, a rough estimate is 2 times what you pay in US for everything including stay food etc. This place is extremely cold avergages -35 F/C during January. Today it was -11 snowing and windy be equipped. Quite a few restaurants Days inn is not good if you plan to work as no internet, econolodge is 1.5 m away. I walked to the embassy in 10 mins.

What to wear?? wear appropriately keep yourself warm.

How soon can I enter the consulate before my scheduled time ??

I went in 30 mins earlier, I did not take a cell phone, key just my documents and me. The main entrance shows consulate use that door. Security scans you , they ask you to remove your belt to give a clearance and don't need to remove shoes and after scanning.

1) there is a person sitting and asks for your Passport, DS160 and your I 797 documents. She has a list of persons who have appointment.

2) There is a counter 7 she asked me to go there. This is the counter where they collect and ask you for your passport, I 797 and your DS 160 confirmation letter. The person sitting here gave me a token number and a card explaining the finger prints and how you need to be honest.

3) This is the sitting area where you will find many others sitting and waiting concentrating to hear your token number called.

4) They call you to the counter 4 (in my case) random numbers called and this counter they take your finger prints after your confirmation that you understand what was written in the card mentioned in step 2. Your finger printing is done and again you sit with your token number waiting for call from the VO.

3 counters 2, 3, 1 ,

5) One of the VISA Officers call your token number.

Visa Officer Questions:

VO: Who is your Employer ?

Me : XYZ

VO: How long have you been with this Employer ?

Me: such and such time

VO: who was your previous employer & why did you leave the previous employer ?

Me: Give your reason best suitable answer

VO: There was a collegue of yours who came before you for stamping do you know that person ?

Me: Be honest , I said yes I do

VO: who is your end client ?

ME: End client name

VO: you have a vendor in between ?

Me: yes, Vendor name

VO: do you have a letter from the client and Vendor ?

Me: I had client letter (mentioning evc ) but no vendor letter so told him.

VO: Okay no vendor letter fine.

VO: Do you have a letter from your employer ?

Me: I had one (employer letter to the consulate, showing EVC model)

VO: Okay your visa is approved!!!! Handed out a printout of how to collect it.

Me: Thank you Sir! Wish you happy Holidays

VO: Thank you you too..

My suggestions Be honest , all are tensed (don't be try to relax yourself ) VOs want to approve your visa. Give them enough information and proper documentation.

Good luck to all Have a great time

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