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Almost 1 year in admin processing? What's next?

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I attended the H-1B visa interview at the Chennai consulate on Jan 27 2012. I received 221(g) pink form with no additional documents requested. I do have a common Muslim name. My passport is with the Chennai consulate. My case has been pending for almost 11 months now. Since the day of my interview, there has been no updates from the consulate. I tried every possible thing, like contacting the senator, congressman but always got the same generic reply from the consulate.

Well, now my question is whether it is worth waiting for this? I am in an EC model and they did not find anything wrong with my employer (at least, not yet) which means that there is no need to go for another stamping with a change in employer. Does the pink form has an expiry? because I heard from one of my friends that the 221(g) has a validity for 1 year. If yes, then what after 1 year? I am kinda confused because I don't know whether to wait because I still have my job available. Its just a matter of getting my visa stamped. But at the same time, I dont know how long this is going to take. I am very confused. Please advise.

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Brother, I would have looked for a new job after 4 months. you have been waiting for really long time .

few of my friends got Visa after 9 months but in your case its almost a year. You could have looked for a local job in the mean time the processing can continue.. This has been very stressful moment to every one who are stuck for no reason .

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Forget USA? I really dont mind it, but why would they keep my case pending when they really want to reject it, that too for this long.

Anyhow, I am right now working remote from India, but that is not satisfactory for me. I want to work during the daytime, kinda fedup with night job.

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