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Dec 3rd - Toronto Interviews Update

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Hello all

I am reaching out to all the guys/girls who attended their interview in Toronto today Dec 3rd.

I saw most of the people getting their visas approved.

Also saw an Asian officer at counter 6 giving a hard time to a few of the guys.

Not sure if anyone got a 221 G

My interview was with the same officer & he said "I am recommending ur visa for approval & you should get it in 3 - 5 days"

Hoping no surprises at the last moment.

Can you guys update your result ?\



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Hey Hii. Even same kind of interview for me also. VO didnt ask for any questions except

who is ur client and who is your employer... They didnt ask for any documents also... vo asked me to pickup the pp in 3-5 days,..

Even am hoping for no surprises in the last minute.

Btw which loomis location you selected and how do you track it..

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Hi ,

Mine is EVC model..

This is my second time visa..

He asked me about the first one and confirmed which i got it done in india..

Then he asked me about my company .. and what it does..

He asked me about my client and what it does..

And he was typing something.. my case is very complex i had many h1 transfers so I was worried..

But he didnt ask me any docs..

Hopefully I will get my PP soon.. without any issues..

As I am hearing many issues or delays with the PP these days..

And you can go just half hour before the appointment.. as they wont allow any one to wait outside.. there is a starbucks one block away I was waiting there as I reached one hour before..

Inside we have to spend atleast 1.5 hours..

for the cell phone they will give you a token..

if we have any other bag or anything they will check it and give it to us..

you cannot carry any pen drives or anything..

The photo must be recent as the one I had was 2 years back so she asked me again for a new one and pasted it on ds-160 form..

Hope this info is useful.. I carried each and every single document.. just incase I need them .. so i suggest every one to have all their

documents ready

Good Luck..

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mine is evc model

VO asked abt my employer, client info, LCA, tax returns, Highest degree of education.

Why salary in LCA is less that my salary ..etc

He was trying to find any obvious issues .. but he couldnt

In the end he gave me the Loomis sheet & a small book which drafts the rights of a person coming to US to work/study.

Also kept my PP & I797 with him.

So i am guessing that most probably it should be approved without any issues.

- @MyH1_visa - you login in to your account using which you scheduled your interview. In the "Applicant summary" info - 2 new fields should appear.

1) Applicant status

2) Wayill Number

I guess they will also send an email to the address which you have maintained in ur profile.

Hope that helps.

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thanks for the murthy forum ,

hi even we are couple applied for H1 and H4 and went to the same asain guy and said i am recommending your visa approval and you should get it in 3-5 days still again tensed what doest it mean ..... i know it is an approval but still there is little bit of worry...any ways thanks to god and murthy forum

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so anybody got loomis update in your csc site, i didnt get anything everybody says you will get update in 48 hours hope i see that in csc site soon please guys if you got the loomis update please share here thanks

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I am assuming we all are OK.

Its just a matter of time.

BTW - no waybill# yet.

Hoping it will be available soon :)

Keep updating guys.



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than vin.. Yes no update yet.. btw where r u guys staying.. If we get the way bill num at the same time I was thinking we can go together

to pick up the passports as it is very far from my location want to share the expenses if its fine with u guys..my location is brampton

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Hi All,

I attended the Interview yesterday but got 221g white slip. I am on EC model and this is my 3rd extension and second extension with same employer. I am working for the same client from last 6 years. Not sure why he gave the 221g. My client manager got an email yesterday and he answered that standard questions today. I am hoping that i will get a email by next week. I am staying in hotel and i have accommodation until this friday and i have to look something after friday. Please guys let me know if any one in the same boat as i am .

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From what I have observed on the forums .. for Monday interviews .. the waybill number gets updated on Wednesday in the best case scenario .. sometimes it may take longer as well.

Best of Luck to everyone.

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@ravinder - What counter did u get the 221G ... Can you post more details about your interview .. like what were the reason which prompted him to put ur case in 221g ?

BTW - my loomis location is Brampton too ..

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even i observed that for monday interviews most of the cases they get waybill number on wednesday hope it should help us thanks and regards

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I attended my visa interview on Dec 3rd afternoon section. My visa got approved after asking couple of questions.. ( who z petitioner, how long you working for company, how much z your salary, where r you from). VO did not check single document. I am FTE to the company..NO surprises in last moment... I am waiting for waybill number.

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in some cases they sent the waybill number very fast the next day but those are rare though but dont know when they gonna put our waybil number and after waybil number how many days we can collect the passports anybody has any idea please???

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