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Successful Visa on Nov 19 @ Vancouver

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Thanks murthy for providing the information which really helped us in preparing for the interview

Sorry for posting this add very late.

We are four friends and all are on EVC model.

My exp : EVC with client letter

we arrived at consulate by 8.15 am. security asked us to wait till 8.30 am outside and were allowed at 9am.

Level 1 : DS-160 confirmation, passport and 1-797 was checked to make sure appointment schedule details are matching. then tied a rubber band around it . gave back the docs and asked us to wait

Level 2: Security will ask us to open any folded covers, and check for any other items which are not allowed. generally things like cell phones, keys etc are not allowed. only documents folder and wallet is allowed inside.

Level 3 : Photo on DS-160 will be verified along with the level 1 documents and asked us to wait in the seating area with our token.

Leve4: Our Token will be displayed on the screen asking us to come to 20th floor (security guys take us to 20th floor)

Level5 : counter:3 Lady take our level 1 docs and 10 finger print will be done.

Once it is completed we will be asked to wait at the seating area for our interview usually at counters 4, 5 & 6.

Counter 6 is where I interviewed. (He approved H1B visa just before to me).

As soon I was called at Counter 6,

VO started asking questions right away, so here are my questions ..

how long you are with your employer


Who is your client

How long with your present client


do you have a letter

Yes (provided the letter. he started typing something..went inside for half a min and came back).

How long you worked with your previous employer

xx years

and is this XYZ your previous client

yes sir.

why you left your previous client.

I worked there for 2 years and my project got completed

were you working during change of employer


how much you have been paid now


you said XXXXX K ... ??

yes sir

were you benched any time


does your employer pays on time


Do you work at your employer site (I wasn't expecting this ones)

yes (I fumbled to this answer)

So you work at employer site or client site

I was interviewed at employer site but I work at offsite (this worked well not sure it was an apt reply though)

show me your LCA

again started typing and took a long pause. no questions were asked at this time (I was worried a bit and praying).

Then he gave back LCA and Client letter, took my Passport, I797 and DS 160 (at this time I know i got it)

Then came the Golden words Visa approved.

and gave a document for Loomis information.

Waiting for Loomis mail to pick my pp


I am on EVC. I didn't have client letter. I just had the email from my manager. I didn't have the vendor letter also. I had the agreement between my employer and the vendor. I was interviewed at counter 4.I changed my employer 4 months ago and my client too.

Since how long have u been with ur employer?

4 months

Who is ur end client?


Did u have a previous employer?


Why did u change ur employer?

Better pay

Show me the client letter?

I showed him the email from my manager. I also showed him my badge at the client location.

Show me your LCA,I129?

Where do u work?

Did ur responsibilities change when u changed ur jobs?


Finally he said i am aproving ur visa.

Good luck guys. I would say just be confident. Vancouver is definitely a good place to go for stamping even if u dont have the client letter.

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hi trvin,

congrats on your visa.

I have few questions with DS 160 form and some documents which i need to take from my employer. If possible can you please share your email id.

Really appreciate your help .



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