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Seeking information about visa stamping after a long time.

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I have been working as a software engineer in United States on H1-B for about 7 years now but I have never had my H1-B visa stamped. I did arrive to this country on a F1 student visa. There were some mitigating circumstances that I don't want to delve in detail. I have never had any problem with visa renewal though. I have my H1-B renewed until 2015 February and my EAD expires in March 2013, that I am hopeful of getting renewed.

However, I do have to visit India in April to May 2013 next year as my brother is getting married. I wanted to know if there is any thing that I should be careful of or consider in advance given the fact that my H1-B visa has not been stamped in-spite of multiple renewals.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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You do have AP? In that case apply for the visa and if denied come back on AP and use the EAD. assuming YOUR CREDENTIALS AND THAT OF YOUR COMPANY ARE KOSHER THERE SHOULD BE PROBLEM WITH YOUR VISA UNLESS ANY DELAYS DUE TO tal .

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I'm in the same boat as you. I have been in US for 8 yrs. Changed from F1 to H1 in 2006. Plan to travel to India next yr, possibly in March or April. Have been looking at options whether to go to Canada or India for Stamping.

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Hi, Krishnan.1000 and Gurudev79,

I'm in the same situation like you and would like to know if it is an issue going for H1B stamping for the first time in spite of having multiple H1B renewals.

Have visited India while on F1, student visa..but not after getting into H1B. Its a very very long time that I visited Inida.

I have an interview scheduled soon and please let me know what should I say when they ask why I didn't visit India for this long??

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