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H1B reaffirmed

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I attended for H1B stamping at Mexico in the month of March. My Visa was denied and my petition was sent back to USCIS. I see that my petition was reaffirmed couple of days back.

During this,my client terminated my contract.What will be my next steps ? Do I need to contact the Consulate in Mexico where I attended the VISA or I need to take a fresh appointment in India and attend.Please help me out.


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I am in a EVC model , In March 30th 2012 I atteneded the interview for my h1 stamping , I received a 221g and my case was sent back to USCIS , I recived a call this week from the state embassy stating that my case has been reaffirmed and they want me to attend the interview again .It took 10 months to get reaffirmation on my case . while this happened, I joined the Vendor company in India to support the same client on the same project (my petitioner not involved ).

I know that I would be asked about the current dated client letter when I attend the interview again for my reaffirmed case and I am planning to carry one. My questions is

Q) Can I disclose to the Visa officer that I am currently supporting the same client from India in US hours and they would want me to come to USA and support from their ? Will this help or make things worse .

The reason I want to disclose this is because , If the VO validates with my client about my employment . My client might say , I am currently working with them and they need my services at onsite location.To be on the safer side I want to disclose this .

Q) Also , In case if I don’t get the client letter , will an email from the client or the vendor with their phone numbers indicating that they still have an opening for me in their project , will do ?

Please let me know , I have an interview next week . Your quick response greatly appreciated .

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