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H1b Visa Approved in Vancouver

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Here is one of my friend’s Visa experience in Vancouver.

VO: HI, How are you?

Me: I am good, How about you?

VO: Did you study in US?

ME: Yes

VO: Which University?


VO: Where is it?

Me: YYY?

Vo: Higher Qualification


VO: DO you have end client?

Me: Yes

VO: who is it?


VO: How long you are with your employer?

Me: more than 1 and 1/2 yr

VO: Do you have other emp before?

Me; Yes, YYY

VO: How long you are working with this client?

Me: 4 months

VO: which client before?

Me: YYY in XXX place

VO: Do you have gaps in between?

Me: No

VO: Can I see letter from client?

Me: My Client have pollicy to give the letter only if we get RFE,

I got the same words from my manager through mail showed him the mail and my profile page and my ID from client

VO: How much you earn?

Me: XXX per Yr

VO: Can I see your W2?

Me: gave 2011 W2

VO: Can I see your Pay slips?

Me: gave 2012 pay slips, checked only first paystub

VO: Does your pay change for every client?

Me: I said I got appreciation so I got a hike

VO: Did you carry your LCA with you?

Me: Yes, Gave it to him

VO: He checked something in the system after 3 to 4min, and said have a seat for some time, I need to review something

Me: Sure, I sat in front of the same counter

After 5 to 6 min, he called me and said your visa got approved here is the details to collect the passport

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