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!HB Visa Approved - but has old employer name on the annotation

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Hello All,

Sorry for delay in sharing my experience at the chennai consulate on October 12th.

This is my 3rd attempt, after previous 2 221G's. I was in US for 8yrs but was stuck in india when i came on family emergency from May 2011 due to 221G's.

First one one was on EVC Model in Chennai on June 21st,2011 -- Asked for amended h1B --Got the approval and submitted to Consulate -> No response - withdrawn the application...

Below is my second attempt experience at Hyderabad on Nov 22,2011 .. which was sent back to USCIS basis of employer-employee relationship....


3rd One: Big Conusulting Company with inhouse project at Chennai on OCtober 12th 2012

Oct 11: At OFC, All went well with finger printing for me and my family.

October 12: with VO Experienece:

1). So you are going to work for XXX?

2). Do you have a client? No

3).What are you going to work on? what product? show me project description?

4). many Banks already have this product? How is this product different?(mine was Mobile Payment application)

5). Seeing At the project doc.. is this now in Design Phase?

6). how big is your company?

7). What's your role?

7). Salary and the location

6). Who is YYYY? it's my previous employer.

At the end he said your visa approved,no questions were asked to my wife.

I have received the passports with the visa stamp on October 16th, but to my surprise the visa was annotated with YYYY name( my old employer),instead of new employer name while everything else(validity dates and Petition no and PED) are correct. During Document verification by VFS person,before the actual VO interview... he mentioned that my employer name is coming as YYYY in their system still, though i told him it was my previous employer.

I should check with VO. i was tensed up due to this, as some thing is worng before the actual interview... ...But VO did not raise this issue and said the visa is approved. I Forgot to ask this question and left immediatly.

Now my question is Will there be any problem at POE(port of Entry)? My attorney says it wouldnot be an issue... It was a mistake of Embassy & I can show him-797....There is no need for correction.. I am also worried if I go for visa correction.. They might long time as the DOS system has my previous employer name...and they will need to investigate... again may result in admin processing?

Did any one faced this situation before? If so, did any one get visa corrected?

or entered US, without any issues, even with the old employer name?



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