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Successful Stamping in Mumbai 09 Oct 2012

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I have appeared for interview on 09-Oct-2012 (Mumbai consulate) and got visa approved.


2nd time H1-stamping

Non-us degree

Empolyment Type - Full Time (Product company)

Got HDFC receipt couple of months ago. Mailed ustraveldocs how to use the old HDFC receipt with the new interview processing system.

Got reply that after Septmber 26 all the old un-used HDFC receipts will the ported to new system.

OFC appointment on Sunday (7 oct 2012) - 2PM (Mumbai)

Docs carried - Passport, DS-160 Confirmation letter and ustraveldocs confirmation email. (No other documents required).

Visa interview on 09-Oct-2012

Docs carried


DS-160 Confirmation letter

Passport first and last page photocopy (must)

ustraveldocs appointment confirmation.


Original I797 and photocopy

most recent 6 months pay-slips.

Company letter

last 2 years W2s


VO: Good Morning, purpose of visit

ME: Good Morning, for my h1- visa renewal

VO: you work for client or inhouse

ME: inhouse

VO: what is your salary

ME: answered

VO: your visa approved

Me: Thanks! have a nice day.

Collected passport with visa stamp on the same day at OFC Mumbai center.

The interview process is pretty much detailed on ustraveldocs website and don't assume/listen to rumours (like advance docs submission, interview waiver process (it's not applicable for H1B principal applicants)).


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@testuser968: Dude, CONGRATES!! Thanks for sharing your experience!!

Surprise to see that you collected your passport on same day @ OFC center. May I know your visa interview appointment time on Oct 9, 2012?

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Congrats testuser! I have 1 question regarding online pro=file on ustraveldocs page while creating my online account I have my first name: just my first name. Is it necessary to have the first name as on passport which is usually ur first name and middle name. How imp is this?

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Hey, thanks for the great info. A couple questions:

1. Where did you get the list of docs to be carried during the interview? The ustraveldocs.com/in website only states carry "supporting docs" for H1 / L1 visa. But it doesn't have a detailed list of the documents required.

2. How did you confirm that no advanced document submission was required?


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In a nutshell if you work for genuine company, their Attorney will send you all the required documents to support your case for Visa stamping.

My company attorney sent me all the documents sent to USCIS for my H1 filing and asked me carry latest payslips, W2s and letter from HR.

If something is mandated like advance document submission it will be clearly stated on the respective consulate / support (ustraveldocs) websites. Why you need confirmation form some 3rd person if it's not listed on the authorized sources?

The visa stamping process is clearly stated on ustraveldocs please go through it.

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1) List of documents is purely from our end. Any official websites mentions to carry all required documents. If you are in EVC model, you need to carry some specific docs. If you are in EC model, you have to some other specific docs. So, it varies per each H1B applicant.

2) In ustraveldocs.com/in, when you go thru the entire visa process you will not find any information regarding advance documents submission. As it's not mentioned in their official website, there is no such kind of rule.

As testuser968 mentioned, pretty much all the information regarding the process is mentioned clearly in ustraveldocs.com/in.

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Thanks testuser968, luck2u.

luck2u, what is the EVC and EC model?

The reason why I am looking at confirmation from other folks is because the ustraveldocs.com/in website is very convoluted. I didn't want to miss some critical piece of information in some corner of their website. For example:


Unless you go that specific link which is non-intuitively linked off of 'visa types' page, you wont get more information on the supporting documents they expect.

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The other question I had was - what is the difference between the "appointment confirmation page" and "appointment letter"? According to the information here:


They require a "appointment confirmation page" for OFC and "A printed copy of your appointment letter" for the actual interview. What the heck is the difference between the two?

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EVC stands for Employer-->Vendor-->Client model. EC stands for Employer-->Client model i.e., direct client for your employer.

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