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Successful Stamping Vancouver, Sept 26th

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My Visa got approved on Sept 26th and got passport back on Sept 28th.

The following were the questions asked for my interview.

How long with same employer ?

How long with same Client ?

Same time with employer and Client ? Yes

Why changed ur employer ? Global company

Client letter ? Showed an email that it is their policy not to give client letter.

Which university ?

Major ? Computer Science

Masters ?

Visa approved.

Explain everything in only one or 2 lines. Other ppl who were interviewed were asked similar questions.

If there are any labor complaints against your employer, they are checking all the documents in detail though they finally approve your visa if everything is alright.

Good Luck Guys !

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Hi can you please post the email format which you got it from client..

I have one but in that email i typed everything and my manager confirmed it..with single word

am not sure if that helps..

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Maddy, In your case, it may still work out till the manager information is provided under it in the email. But I would advice you to get few more words from your manager in the email. If he is not willing to do that, atleast try to get another email from HR and show both the emails in the interview.

The following is the format that I used in my email.

It is the policy of <Client Name> to not provide this type of letter.

Manager Name

Manager Title

Client Name

Client Address

Manager ph no:

Manager cell number

Manager email

From: myemail

Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 10:17 AM

To: manager email

Cc: my email id @employer.com , myEmployerManager@employer.com

Subject: Request to provide me a Client Letter for my H1 Visa Stamping at Vancouver,Canada

Hello <ClientManagerName>,

Can you please provide me a Client letter with following details for my H1 Visa stamping at Vancouver, Canada ?

1. Project name and my responsibilities in the project. (<ProjName>)

2. Project duration mentioning the high possibility of my contract extension for a long term.

3. Work Location address in <CityName> (<Work Address>)

4. Relationship between <Client Name> and my employer <Employer Name>, my employer's right to control me and mentioning how I communicate with my

employer (through phone).


My Name

<My Title as in LCA>

<Employer Name>



<MyEmailID@Employer.com> | <Employer Web link>

<MyEmailID@Client.com | <Client Web Link>

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hi abhishekreddy1 my client will not even give me this client letter.. i am not sure what else i can carry with me?

does it help if i just take a print out of some of the work emails? i would like to carry as many documents which will help my application..

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@idcagreencard: If your manager does not give it, try emailing your HR about it. But someone has to mention that it is policy of the client not to give a client letter. I do not know if print out of some work emails will work out or not.

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