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Can an old PD and Labor Cert be reused?

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A Labor Cert was applied for me in 2002, yes 10yrs ago. This was before it was called PERM, I believe.

Subsequently, prior to its approval, let alone approval of I-140 and GC, I left USA.

In my 2nd innings in USA (on H1, EB2) , restarted the whole thing and I have now applied for AOS with a new employer's Perm and I-140 and 2009 PD.

Is it possible to use that old PD with my present application with my current employer? I have not contacted the old employer or HR - but they still exist. The old appl was also in EB2 and similar or same job area as now.

thank you!

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Old LCs can not be reused.

You can use an old PD only if the I-140 for that case was approved.

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Thanks for the replies. Is it possible to get info regarding that old filing from INS/USCIS ?

I read an article on murthy.com about how one of their clients 'suddenly' and unexpectedly got the GC and wanted to make sure everything was in order but at the same time didnt want to rock the boat; so they checked with USCIS on a basis something like "Right to Information" and saw the whole file (must have been more like a pile of files!) from start to finish.

I beleive that old empl filed for Labor Cert and I-140 for me... can't remember unfortunately.

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You can file a FOIA request with the USCIS about any I-140s that were ever filed in your name. The LC is issued by the DOL, so I guess that would go there... however, the LC used to be "generic", i.e. for a position rather than a person, so it is possible that the DOL does not consider LC to be your information, and thus won't disclose it to you.

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