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EAD/AP renewal timelines?

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How long is it currently taking for EAD/AP renewal?

I am planning to apply for renewal on Nov 10th and possibly go to India after the renewal.

I dont know if its a good idea to travel while the renewal application is in process.

Since the EB2 dates are not current I am hoping I can get a 2 year extension this time.

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It doesn't matter what the processing times are you should really file for an extension 120 days before the current one expires ( Not more than 120 days) . Even though the processing times currently seem to be faster, some people reportedly getting in 30 days but don't count on it There will be several things that can go wrong RFE, lost mail few examples.

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thanks for the reply. My EADAP combo card is expiring on Mar 4th 2013. Thats why I am planning to send my renewal around Nov 10th. (around 120days).

Though i still have H1, i want to keep my EAD/AP backup option strong. So want to complete the renewal first and then travel to India.

also is it okay to travel WHILE EAD/AP renewal application is in process? And what if renewal is approved when I am in India. Can I come back with the old card (before its expiry)?

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Yes, you can as long as it is not expired. It is approved before your departure date so you can use it even though another one is pending

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