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H1B Visa Stamping --Sept 10th Vancouver,Canada--PIMS update Issue

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Hello All,

I would like to share my experience today with the visa interview at the Vancouver consulate.Had an appointment at 10AM and went through all the screenings prior reaching the VO.

Below questions were asked

1.How long have you been with your employer.

2.What is your role and responsibiities

3.Do you have an end client and who is that

4.How long have you been working with that end client

5.Have you been with the same client though you changed your emp (i changed my emp while i was with the same end client)

Thats it,didnt even asked for any other documents.He just mentioned he cannot issue my visa today since my petition number is not updated in PIMS database and told me consulate will request for an update and processing can usually take 5 business days.

He informed i will be receiving an email when i can pick the ppt from Loomis and also gave me a paper which shows "Was your Visa approved?? " follow below instructions on how to pick the passport

I am wondering if there would be any problem for approving my visa considering my petition was not updated yet in PIMs data base??

Also if there is any one else who had the same issue and how long it took for getting the passport back and if the visa is approved??.

FYI..the same happened with my previous stamping as well in Chennai,and i got the passport in the next week with Visa stamped

Please let me know your experiences ,I can also be reached at c.praveen457@gmail.com.



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Thanks Myvisaaug ,i hope your words will come true and i will get an email at the earliest with no issues.

Appuser321--Yes mine is an EVC model.VO didn't asked any document except the questions mentioned above.But its always better to carry all the necessary documents along with the client letter to be on a safe side.

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Thanks Praveen. Congrats on your visa. Hopefully you will get passport soon. I have question regarding h1b stamping in vancouver. I sent email. Could you please take some time to respond. Thanks in advance

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praveen457: Congrats on your visa.

can you please tell us when did you get your H1B approval notice(I797). want to see the time gap how long it takes to update PIMS.


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Hey Praveen.. This is Sreenath... I was in the Vancouver consulate on 10th too.. Even I was told the same !! I am also waiting for the email.. Any update on your end ?

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Finally got an email from Loomis @ 7 PM saying that the passport has been picked from consulate and available for pickup next few days.I will pick it up Monday.Unfortunately stuck up for the weekend too.

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Finally got the passport with Visa approval after a week and collected my passport today.

Appointment Date : Sept 10th

Loomis Mail Conf: Sept 14th

Passport Pick Up :Sept 17th

Thanks for all the wishes and I wish all the very best to the future aspirants.

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