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Visa Stamping in Vancouver on Sept 6th got 221g

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I attended H1B visa stamping in Vancouver on Sep 5th. The lady gave me 221g. My is H1 extension. I moved to another company .My visa experience:

Q. Are you apply for the same company or other?

No Mam, I have moved to XXXXXX

Q. What do you do?


-- she was looking into the system for a very long time.

Q. How long have you been with this company?

I have been with XXXXX for more than 1 1/2 years.

Q. Who is your end client?

My end client is XXXXXX

Q. How long have you been working for XXXX

Since May 2011.

Q. Can I see your Labor and petition.

Gave it to her. She looked the I 129 doc for a very long time. She was looking for sth.

Q. Whats ur degree.

I did my Masters in XXXX.

Q. Major?

in Electrical and Computer engineering.

Q. Where do you stay ?

I stay in Las Vegas.

Q. Asked for paystubs?

Gave it to her.

Q. Do you travel everyweek to client location in NY.

I explained. .......

Q. Can I see your client letter?

gave it to her.

Q. Looked into system for a very long time and told we need extra verification. Is email best way to contact you.

Yes mam. Are you looking for any specific document that I can provide.

Q. Nothing specific right now. I have all you documents and we will contact u by email. ( she took my passport, I797, W2, paystubs, client letter, LCA, I129)

She didnt give me any white slip, but she wrote 221g on my documents she took. I haven't got any email until today ie., Sep 8th.

Guys, if you are planning to come to Vancouver for stamping, be prepared. Another gal got 221g on Sep 6th as well.

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@sai1685, Thank for posting your experience. Hope you get your PP back soon. I have one doubt.

Can you let me know if the Job Title you have mentioned to her, job title mentioned on your H1B petition, and job title on your Client/Employer letter are the same?

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Dont worry, I am sure your case will be clear in 3-4 weeks depends on the Q, The consulate won't do any thing after this kind of Admin Review.

They used to send to DOS, which will turn to Third Party verification. Your client will get call & email to your client for your contract verification.

Issuing 221g/ not Issuing both fall into Admin Review which to make sure the Fraud Prevention process of  the client letter signatures & contract versification by third parties under DOS. They are collecting the contract information by phone call & email confirmations from client HR/Immigration/Legal Departments.

Last week two ours of the similar cases cleared & visas issued in Vancouver. You can read my posts as well.

Thank you,

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@ Prettydolly - I didnt have my job title in my client letter. I say - This letter is to confirm that XXX is currently engaged as a contractor to ABC company......and so on.

Thanks Kishankarla.

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@ Kishan - Did consulate contact your client with questions? If so, Did they call him or email him ? What did they ask?

Do you think it will be of any help to email to consulate asking for my status?

My interview was on last wednesday and neither me/my emp /my client got any email till now.

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