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I94 expired 2 months ago..going for stamping

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Hi All,

My I-94 expired couple months ago and I have a valid I797 until sept 2013, my attorney advised to go India and get stamping done (my exiting stamping and passport expired too) and come back to get new I-94.

I'm filling DS160 and it has a question have ever over stayed your visa? yes/no explain...not sure what to answer, it was a honset mistake that i didn't check my I94.

Has anyone over come this situation or if there is anyone in the same boat...I would appreciate any help/suggestions

what are my chances of getting visa stamped at Hyderabad center?



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You not have Valid I 94 until SEP 13 with you visa, I mean your I 94 status not carry fw'ed with your visa approval? I guess that might be an Illegal for you with Invalid Status!

In that case, There are HIGH chances of VISA rejections any consulate... Few ppl who left the same day didn't approve their I 94 along with Visa, they went OUT USA boarder crossed, returned back with NEW I 94.

I hope here, employer/Attorney suggestions might help you..

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I do not understand how you have H1 until 2013 and your I-94 is expired. Please be mindful that the I-94 on the approved I-797 supercedes the I-94 that you received at the POE. If you have an I-94 attched to your I-797, your stay and work is LEGAL

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Hi Sarajones108,

After I got new I797 I went out of the country and when I came back I used old H1b Stamping as I don't have stamping done with new I797 that is valid until 2013 and I didn't realize that i94 has wrong dates ( I thought they will always write dates on i797...never imagined things like this could happen :( ).



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