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H1B Re-interview after 10 months. Client Verification Required

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Here is my case background.

H1-B extension, EVC model, Had client and vendor letters

Oct-2011 - Attended Visa interview at Hyd, 221(g) white given after back to back E-E related questions

Nov-2011 - Denial letter and case sent back to USCIS with recommendation to revoke

Dec-2011 - USCIS received case

Feb-2012 - USCIS reaffirmed and my employer received reaffirmation original

Aug-2012 - PIMS updated with reaffirmation status, Hyd Consulate called me for re-interview

Today I attended my second interview at U.S.Consulate, Hyderabad. Interview was smooth. In the end, Visa Officer told that he needs to verify with Client whether I have a project or not.

Here are the interview details

Visa Officer: Who is your employer?

Me: Told

VO: Who is your Client?

Me: Told

VO: Do you have a Client Letter?

Me: Unfortunately I didn't have the letter sir but I got the email confirmation from client and I have the Vendor letter as well. Gave it to him

VO: The email letter is saying "Client would be interested if I come back with Visa" but they are not confirming whether there is a job?

Me: There is a job sir.

VO: I need to verify it with Client.

Me: Sure sir, there are Client email ids in the client e-mail letter

VO: Yeah, I am emailing, I need contact number as well. (Contact number is not mentioned in the mail)

Me: I have another client letter sir(Old one, Submitted to USCIS at the time of my extension), which has a Client contact number. Gave it to him.

VO: Ok, I will verify with Client and will give you Visa if there is a job. If there is no job, I will not be giving you a Visa and I will return petition back to USCIS saying lack of employment.

Me: Ok sir, Thank you. Have a nice day.

VO: You too.

He kept Passport, Reaffirmation original, Reaffirmation copy, Client email copy, Vendor letter, Old client letter copy with him. He didn't give any 221(g) this time.

I alerted Vendor to alert Client about the verification. Need to see how it progresses. Will update you guys. What are my chances this time???

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Dude, as your username says..... don't worry be happy. I hope you will get it soon. Better talk to the client if possible before the VO reaches them.

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Dude, as your username says..... don't worry be happy. I hope you will get it soon. Better talk to the client if possible before the VO reaches them.

Thanks man, I directly informed client as well. I hope it works out this time. But a bit nervous as it is still in air.

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One update from my side, My 221(g) case status is saying

"Your case is currently undergoing processing. Please continue to check this website for updates on the status of your case. Any new information received will be posted to the website."

It's been 2 weeks since I attended my re-interview. Not sure when will this processing will finish.

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@#6 DontWorryBeHappy very sorry to hear that.Was your client contacted through Phone or email?..Also did they contact the one provided in the letter you have provided to consualte?.Did they not mentioned you will have a job when you will be in usa?

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I am not sure how they contacted. I came to know from my vendor about the verification when I contacted them after my passport is returned back to me. Actually Client had the position. Unfortunately it wasn't in my managers team, it was in another manager's team.

Since I worked with the other manager for couple of months he sent a email confirmation saying he would be interested if I come back with a valid visa. I took the same to interview but Consulate wanted to cross check with Client. Consulate asked for the contact number which was not mentioned in email confirmation.

In that moment I gave a previous client letter which had client contracts department managers contact number as I didn't took a note of my manager's contact number. The verification call/mail went to that contracts dept guy and he said he is not interested. The reason I came to know from my vendor is that the contracts manager isn't interested in me as earlier I tried changing to a different prime vendor when my initial visa stamping got denied.

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Bro .. please give me your contact details... i to got a call from COnsulate for re interview...

Send a mail to abczyx000@gmail.com. I will mail you my contact number..

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