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No Result! after Interview @ Vancouver 21st August

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Hello everyone who are viewing the forums, I have been reading these posts past few months. Thanks for posting their experiences, It’s really boost the confidence levels for everyone.

Here are the Questions asked to me(EVC)..

I didn’t know the exact reason but said needs to verify further takes few days, Didn’t say visa approved/not, did not give the Waybill No. to check the Loomis/DHL PP, Also didn’t Issue 221g.

Taken 2nd(Recent) passport, 2006, 2009, 2012 797 approval originals, Client Letter only.

How long you been in USA? FEB 2007

To whom you are working? XXXX

Are you done Masters? No

Education? Did Masters & M.Phil. in computers from India

What is your role? XXXX

What is your Salary? XXXX

Do you have pay slips, shown up to July 2012.. Have kept verifying few details.. returned pay slips

Do you have end client? XXXX, taken the letter. Looked for some time in the letter

How long you been working with this, Said May 2011,(CA)

Where you were before? PA, To whom? XXXX

Do you have 2011 W2? Shown the 2011 W2, looking for some time.. returned W2

Still looking few more things.. asked for Left finger prints, done

Did you file GC? No

How long been with this company? FEB 2007

Do you came here on H1B? Yes

Asked for old Passport, handed over him

Are you any time out of status> No

Asked for old 797, verified the 2009 & 2006 originals (I didn’t change my employer)

(I was outside USA during June 08- July 09, now got visa until July 15. I got approved visa for 6 years after my re-entry in July 09 as I was in India more than 1Yr) –He didn’t ask about this to me, If he ask I might explain him clearly.

Still looking on the documents of 797 approvals & Client letter, Finally said need to verify few more details, takes few days, asked my Ph. No. , Said call you in couple of days.. didn’t say exactly

I stressed him, Do you need any other documents which I can provide, He said right now NO, we need to verify further. Asked me to wait for Ph. Call/email.

Taken the 2006, 2009, 2012 797 originals, Passport, Client letter. 2006 797 originals pinned with 2006 Vayu Offer letter. I asked him does it required? He said leave it np, he kept all the documents.

Does anyone have this kind of situation? Highly appreciated your feedbacks if some knows about it!

If they say took our phone no., Does they will call really or just email for update after few days. Few days means how many day might it would be?

I hope I am expecting the +Ve news in couple of days soon J .. Fingers Crossed ..

Please don’t carry any kind of backpack bags also. I didn’t remember from posts I have read backpack bags are allowed not sure does it Vancouver/any other consulate.

I have carried small backpack bag as I have bunch of documents to show if required, but they didn’t allow. Kept in another hotel nearby which is 5$ cost. Try to avoid any kind bags if possible.

The person who came with me, on EVC, most of the similar questions as per the DS 160. They said visa approved & gave him waybill receipt to check passport.

We saw another guy, he also kind of mine, don’t know the exact reason, for him also they took Passport & didn’t gave the Waybill receipt.

During the Interview process as per understanding, it’s very clear that they are cross checking with us from DS 160 details. Like, employer, role, salary, education, location, client. Sometimes asking for W2 forms & supportive documents.. not more than that!

Thank you...

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Hi, sorry abt that, hope you will get good new in couple of days. do you think, it's because you dont have US masters ?? can you shra your contact details, my mail id vancoversep13 gmail. Thanks.

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This is almost similar to what happened in my case a few days early on August 16th. Still waiting for a call from consulate.


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Hi Cuser2011, Can you send a quick email ID to me .. kishankarla @ gmail . com, Whr did you attend Interview, Vancouver? What kind of discussion you had with Visa Officer, Does he is with counter No. 6, For me Counter No. 6.

Did you send any email request for status update? I am thinking to send an email request after 3 days.

Hi Vanouversep13, I don't think it's because of US Masters.

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No My 1st H1B in 2006 from Mumbai consulate, 2nd H1B I didn't go outside USA, for 3rd one I went to Vancouver.

Hi Cuser2011, Did you get any update Ph Call/ Email....

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@kishan and @cursor... I guess consular officer will send the email to your client. They will verify your presence at client location and your assignement dates?

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Guys, sorry about your situation, but I hope that you will hear a +ve news very soon. Please don't forget to share with us.

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myvisaaug, Yes we are expecting the same.. Just waiting for the consulate response to client.

Does any one have any idea what kind of the questions might ask by phone/email from consulate? Please share with me..

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