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Successful Stamping on August 20 - Vancouver.

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Sorry i meant - Aug 20th on my earlier post @ http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/43525-successful-stamping-on-august-22-vancouver/page__fromsearch__1

Thank you, for all those who posted in here. It helped me alot. Now its my turn...

I had my H1b visa interview today, got approved waiting for my passport to pickup, but writing this topic for your help.

I am on EC model, i took flight to Seattle, took bus from Seattle to Vancouver.

I took a hotel 1 km away from consulate with one of my friend who is also here for his H1b visa. He is on EVC model. He flew to vancouver directly from his place

We went to consulate by 8:15 AM and saw 4 other desi guys, and with their dress we knew they were for their H1b, because everyone else came in regular jeans and t-shirt, since we go as a professional so we wear business casuals.

Now when we went to 20th floor saw counter 3,4,5,6 ....... counter 3 lady was taking finger prints, i sat in front of counter 6, and was able to see and hear what is going on in counter 5 and 6.

We were the first to go for H1-B visa stamping. My friend went to counter 6 and i went to counter 4..

My summary of interview experience:

1) Looking at my I-797, How long with my employer?

2) Who is your end client?

3) What u do / whats ur role ?

4) Whats ur Major in Masters ?

5) Which University ?

6) Asked for my I-129 and LCA ?

7) Looking at my LCA, do u stay at client location ?

8) Where is your employer located ?

9) How much you make / salary ?

10) Asked for my Paystubs and looked at most of them

She started routine typing for cpl of mins........

then came the word we all wait for...........your visa has been approved.

I wish all the best for every one who is planning for their visa interview.

Even my friend got his visa.

Thank you,everyone. Good Luck.

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hey buddy,

can u share the hotel address and how u traveled to consulate from there..i have mine on Sept 18th. can you please share the info at anudeepr@gmail.com

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Hey, congratulations....

Would you mind sharing more details about travelling from Seattle to Vancouver, and whether you got one-way or round-trip tickets?

I'd really appreciate your feedback on these questions. My email is: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com


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Thank you, All.

@sopanda - Yes, my friend was on EVC model and lucky.

@visastamp - Check the Bus service at @ http://www.**************.htm

@kat83kuri - I was at Riviera Hotel on Robson Street - http://www.*************.com/. Not happy with the Wi-Fi there. US consulate was like 1.2km from there. Cab was not more than 6$..

@imagine5 - I booked only one-way ticket. Check the Bus service at @ http://www.**************.htm


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no, I can't open any of the links either...

@take_IT_easy - I'd very highly appreciate if you can email me the links at: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com

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