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Visa Stamping Vancouver - No 221G?? but Employer Verification (EVC)

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I attended for visa yesterday at Vancouver. Interview went well VO asked few simple questions like who is the employer, client, who is ur previous employer, asked for W2, bank statements etc..

VO said he needs to verify employer details and will get back to me at my mobile. Did not receive any 221G letter.

In my case I did not receive 221G but VO said needs to verify employer details.

Did anyone had similar experience? If so please tell me what to expect?


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I have attended the Interview in Vancover on 30th November.

Iam facing the same issue you faced.

VO took all my docs including Passport and told me that they have to do Employer Verification,

Iam also on EVC Model.

Can you please help me out what happened in your case after they took your docs.

Did they send any emails or did they call your Client or Employer??

How long to took for completing the verification and returning your passport??

Your help would be really appreciated...

Thanks in Advance.


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