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Successful visa on Aug 7th Vancouver (EVC)

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I started my Canada TR Visa process on July 23rd. Went to New York consulate in person, submitted the docs, then the passport was picked by my friend after 4 days. Canada TRV was approved for until the expiration of passport. Scheduled the US visa appointment in Vancouver on July 27th for August 7th, reached the consulate general office by 8:15AM. Here was my experience.

VO: Hello

Me: Hello, how are you doing?

VO: No Response (He was busy in typing something)

VO: Are you living in US

Me: Yes

VO: Do you have masters in US?

Me: Yes

VO: Which University?


VO: Are still working with YYY Company? (By looking at I 797)

Me: Yes

VO: How long?

Me: 2 Years

VO: Do you have client?

Me: Yes

VO: Who is the Client?

Me: ZZZ Company

VO: From How long are you staying $$ state?

Me: 2.5 Years

VO: Do you have any issues with your employer like pay?

Me: No

VO: How many times were you on bench?

Me: I was always on Projects.

VO: Your visa is approved.

Me: Thanks

Total Process was completed by 10:00 AM

My Opinions:

  • Plan well.
  • Try to go early, so that you interview gets finished early. It does not depend on when your appointment is scheduled for but on token they give.
  • Be straight to the point. Don't let VO add questions because of your answers.
  • Be cool. Tension does not give you visa, because of your tension you might do some thing wrong(my case forgot to lock my pant Zip :))
  • Have some breakfast
  • Do not carry Backpacks and Sealed Covers as they don't allow.
  • For Canada TRV carry all i20s, for me they asked.
  • Book flight and Rental car as early as possible.

Thanks a lot for the community and people who contributed their experiences which really helped.

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@Raleighind: Congrats . I have few question getting the canada visa. Could you please shoot an email to me visu<dot>usah1<at>gmail<dot>com.

such as like how to collect the passport by someone else... please shoot an email i really appreciate your help.

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