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Which is Better way for GC !!!

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Hi Folks

I have question regarding starting GC.

I am working in Indian Consultancy.

So working Model is Indian Consultancy -> Prime Vendor -> American Client.

Currently i am in 4th Yr of H1B.

My Indian Consultancy is willing to apply for my GC.

As i did my Masters in USA, i fall under EB-2.

Initially i thought that i will try to get full-time job in American company, so that GC processing

will be faster & there will be less scrutinzation from USCIS.

But as i see that getting such American company is taking time.

Also such American company says that we will start GC Processing after 1 Yr.

As i see that i am reaching towards 6th Yr of H1B, some of my friends suggested that i should

start GC Soon, i should Not wait for such American company, otherwise it will be TOO Late.


So can you guys give me some advice about this...!!!

Shall i wait for some more time....Or Shall i start my GC with current Indian Consultancy.


Now assume that i start GC process with current Indian Consultancy.

So when i reach end of 6th Yr of H1B, what factors will allow me to stay & work in USA.

I mean what stages of GC process should have been completed.

To Site Admin- I apologize upfront, if i have posted this message in wrong section. Please

move message to proper section.

Thank you in advance.



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As i did my Masters in USA, i fall under EB-2.

Hmm, why do you think so?

First, the job requirements determine the category. You could have a PhD, if the job requires only a bachelor degree, the case would still be in EB3.

And in any case, Masters from a US university or from a university abroad doesn't matter, anyway. The degree has to be from an accredited university.

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