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Lingering doubt - might sound silly.

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Planning to visit Chennai consulate for getting my passport stamped with H1B visa.

Employment: Full time at Intel corporation since Aug 2010.

Education: Graduated with Masters in Dec 2009


As you all might have noticed, there was a short period during my OPT without an employment ( right between my graduation and the joining date which was for about 8 months). During that phase, I was rigorously applying for jobs and attending interviews. On the other hand, in order to keep my immigration status rolling, I had taken an employment letter from a consultancy (which mentions that I was volunteering) and reported the same to the university (just for the records sake).

Question :

Had I been asked about that period, whats the best way to answer?

Is it an acceptable answer to say that I was preparing and applying for interviews ( which violates the rule of finding employment within 3 months of the OPT start date afaik)


Would I rather mention about my volunteering (which is not genuine and might require me to cook up some story with respect to my daily duties performed and answer questions related to the company) ?

Appreciate the help in advance.

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Absolutely never never never lie to them.

Lying could result in a lifelong ban.

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