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H1B transfer priority based questions Please help me

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Hello Everyone ,

I would like to thank murthy forum a lot as I had learned and got lot of help during my H1 stamping while I was India .

After all the struggle for more than year I came to USA on 12th july i.e very recently and right now I am planning to transfer my H1 to the Client who is Interested to take me back .

Please find my below questions and let me know if transfer is possible / am I eligible for transfer immediately ?

Q1) Should I really wait for 1-2 months for pay- stub to get transferred to different company ? As I came recently I dont have any and I have to transfer earliest by August to my New client company .

Q2) Would I get rejected or something since I came recently when I apply for my transfer ?

Q3) Can my previous employer do anything like can he stop / revoke or do anything if comes to know about my transfer ?

Q4) Should I even tell him that I am transferring to new company ?

Q5 ) During my Employment back ground verification does he will know anything about my transfer by any chance ?

q6 ) what are the necessary precautions to be taken for transferring ?

Will truly appreciate all the help upon your wonderful suggestions . Please post me anything you know about transfers .

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