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EAD and H1B

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I am on H1B and have EAD.

While working on 1st job on H1B, can I work for other part time job on EAD ?

If I use EAD for second job, do I loose my H1B?

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This has been asked over and over in different threads.

Yes you will be considered EAD once you start working on EAD and H1b becomes invalid,doesnt matter if its 1st or 2nd job.

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I have a valid H1B till 2015. I have filed for I485 AOS in march 2012. I got my EAD in May 2012 valid till one year. I am in the job market right now. I would like to use my EAD to broaden my search and chances of employment.

Here are some of the questions that I have:

1. Once i start using my EAD, if anything happens to my I-485 application, is there a chance of me returning back to H1b since I have it approved till 2015? Is there a way I use my EAD for employment and also retain my H1B status just in case? I do not want to let go my H1B till my I-485 gets approved.

2. Second question is related to first one, in a way. IF I accept to be on EAD. Then i am not using H1B. If I find a girl in India and want to bring her on dependent visa. Then, can i switch back to H1B in this case. I am keeping in mind that once my 485 gets approved, I will not be able to bring anybody as my dependent.

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One cannot maintain H1 status and also work on EAD. If you use the EAD which allows you UNRESTRICTED work authorization the H1 status ceases. What exactly is your worry?

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