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Completed H1B Stamping@Vancouver July 16th

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Me(FT) --- Approved and My friend(EVC) Model and got 2219(g) and didn't asked any Docs to resubmit. But asked him to reschedule.

Questions asked for ME (C-FT):

Looked at my I797

How long you have been working in US?

Who do you work for? XYZ

so You work at client Location?


What is your role?

And what is my role when i worked for my previous Employer.

How long have you been working with this client? X

He checked my passsport and saw F1 Visa and asked Where did you do your MS?

VO said visa has been approved. Passport can be collected in 3-5 days.

Questions for My Friend (EVC):

Before Going for Interview, On DS-160 Confirmation They have written "Please See CEAC" ( refers to multiple Employer/ I797 Copies)

Looked at my I-797

How long you have been working with this employer?

What is your role?

Do you have a client? Yes

Asked for Client Letter

Who is your client?

How long you have been working with this client?

Why did You change to the New Employer?

Asked for Pay Stubs

He Checked on the Amount i was payed from my employer and referred to Per DIEM Section and asked about since you lived Near Client Location. Why are receiving Per DIEM?

At that time My friend was gone Unconscious state due to Dehydration and Tension. He fell down while Interview was going on. And they couldn't continue the Interview and issues 221g to reschedule the appointment through Email ( Which was given on the 221g paper) without any Docs to submit.

By GOD Grace he Recovered soon and he already mailed to them to reschedule an interview for ASAP.


Have a nice breakfast before going for an interview. Because you need to stand in the line for almost 1-2 hrs.

Be confident and answer state to the point. Your next question will be based on your answer you give for the previous one.


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